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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Dec 18, 2012)
Last Kephess Hm at 1° try ^^
(Dec 08, 2012)
Dudes not doing TFB Hm tonight be up for TFB SM? i can lead.
(Dec 03, 2012)
Kephess Hm kill Video -
(Nov 27, 2012)
hahahaha, you're all DOOOOMED!
(Nov 27, 2012)
Guys party is over, Kylo is coming back :/
(Nov 26, 2012)
Just to let you know: On friday I'll finish my internship and will be back in da game with ye ol' suckers :D!
(Nov 22, 2012)
Kaz, I need some help with computer parts and assembly stores, I can log onto TS later on.
(Nov 04, 2012)
hey friends :) i'm in shit for an hard exam : i try to log for help with the ops but is difficult :( u miss me all :*
(Oct 24, 2012) little pvp republic side :)
(Oct 20, 2012) an other guild ops video ^^
(Oct 16, 2012)
servers are up :D
(Oct 16, 2012)
looks like today is a bust - the servers will be down for the whole evening :(
(Oct 12, 2012)
Servers are back up now...
(Oct 12, 2012)
lol wtf? well, I got theater rehearsal anyway ;).