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(Mar 05, 2013)
Going on vacation tomorrow and we will be back home in about two weeks, take care guys!
(Mar 05, 2013)
haha, yeah, you could say that ... well, the new laptop is ordered now and should be in my hands by the end of the week ... although I'm gone the whloe weekend, but next week, I'll should be back ingame
(Mar 04, 2013)
Ultimate ragequit huh Kylo?
(Mar 04, 2013)
As it looks, I smashed my harddrive and therefore most likely will need to buy a new computer ... so no gaming for me at the moment :((((
(Feb 27, 2013)
yay.. another patch and all the usual assorted fubar graphics issues for me
(Feb 23, 2013)
If you guys want to try out the new content you can always join us on the PTS :)
(Feb 23, 2013)
i'm kalid :( anyway i've read in the forum but i couldn't reply there for... i don't want to make a extracountry call for a game.... it's unacceptable
(Feb 23, 2013)
lots of ppl having this problem kylo, they said best chance is to phone billing and support and remove it
(Feb 22, 2013)
funny... the louncher and the website don't accept my security key code... i've tryed like 20 different codes and none of them was accepted... i'll try tomorrow
(Feb 21, 2013)
(Feb 15, 2013)
Heavy drinking sounds really good!! I'll be back when I get my money deposited! Back soon and will be prioritising recruiting.
(Feb 14, 2013)
deadline tomorrow ... heavy drinking afterwards as a result ... will finally be back on saturday :)
(Feb 11, 2013)
terrible timing for 1.7 indeed. I got my deadline for my essay on friday so I won't be playing much this week
(Feb 11, 2013)
Subscription ran out. Will be back in a week due to monetary problems. Sadly I'll have to miss 1.7 launch. Lemme know what i's like.
(Feb 08, 2013)
fyi im not around till monday for raiding.
(Feb 03, 2013)
I really want to do some WBosses sometime. Especially the one for DROUK HUNTER title
(Feb 01, 2013)
Sounds like you already started ;)
(Feb 01, 2013)
(Feb 01, 2013)
I am out driking tonight XD