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(Apr 27, 2013)
i hope not but i'm angry as u ti'ohm :*
(Apr 27, 2013)
Cathar going to be a CC unlock? Damn, I'm dissapointed yet again. Is it me or is the game industry just going in a downward spiral?
(Apr 25, 2013)
Sorry guys, going to see IM3 Tonight so cant raid :(
(Apr 24, 2013)
i don't know bro
(Apr 24, 2013)
got booted off and now it wont let me connect to the server, is it just me?
(Apr 11, 2013)
cazzo de merda!
(Apr 11, 2013)
We are currently investigating issues that have caused a number of servers in the US - East Coast and EU regions to become unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. The servers affected are: Tomb of Freedon Nadd .......
(Apr 11, 2013)
damn it, finally some free time to level up and ofc the servers are crashed :(
(Apr 10, 2013)
The #SWTOR servers are currently unavailable for maintenance. Duration: 2 Hours End Time: 5AM PDT (12PM GMT)
(Apr 10, 2013)
Naaa this isn't wow and here i wont to enjoy all the story line and the extra quests with no hurry ^^
(Apr 08, 2013)
race who hits 55 first?
(Mar 26, 2013)
Doing full game reinstall...I may be some time...
(Mar 12, 2013)
Another patch, another host of graphics bugs... still no idea what is causing it either
(Mar 08, 2013)
I got my new Laptop but getting rid of Win8 and installing Win7 is driving me crazy ... never would've believed it to be soooo hard to create a bootable device to install Win7 ... ;
(Mar 05, 2013)
Bon voyage Iliriah / Tailia... try not to miss us too much :-D