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Searching for raid leader

Cori / Jun 05, 2013
Hey all,

As you may have noticed I have establised a closed HC grp that will only focus on, and plan HM/NIM runs.
So all members in the grp can if they want help out with sm raids and everything else, if they are needed.
There will always be some days we will need a reserv and hopefully I will get a notice beforhand, so that I can find a replacement.
You can show your interest to sign up to raids you are able to attend to or just have a chat with me in game.


I have been requested from several members in the guild to put up events for normal raids and other activities, and want to have said this to everyone.

I will not set up events or be acting raidleader for another grp than the HC grp. There is several reasons to why but the main part is that there is a lot more work to be raidleader than just put up a event in the calendar and I do not have the time or energy to lead a 2nd grp aswell.

For that reason I believe if someone in the guild can take the role as raidleader and go from there. I will ofc help out as much as I can but in the end it will be up to the raidleader to be in charge.



I did the raid leader in Wow for years and years but my guild was an italian guild xD
So i can't consider this offer to the problem of language and because raid leader job is a tiresome and important job for an hard core guild. Among us i see well 2 players inparticular for raid leader job: Kazeus // Caux
IF I'm around I have no issues with beeing the one to round up and invite ppl. If it's an easymode raid (whatever is considered as that at the time) I can also act as 'raidleader' during the ops.

I'm not available on a very regular basis at the moment though, I'm afraid, as I'm very busy with finishing my education, starting a new job, ect.

Also a point I feel like needing to mention again is, that for those who are geared enough but can't play often or regularely enough to be a member of the HC group, this developement is simply not good. We are basically cut from most opportunities to any serious HM ops, unless the rare occasion occurs, that the HC group is missing exactly the role we play on a night we are available.
(I don't have to go into detail how crappy pug HM raids are).

And from what several people told me, I'm really not the only one feeling that way.
Personally I just think a guild like ours should make HM ops to every member available from time to time, 'cause there's not much point tbh in being in a guild but not able to participate in any serious content they're doing. A guild should be about doing stuff together, not about having a secluded grp of insiders and a rest that's left behind.
If those people that told you all this drama then they can form a group as we did considering so many complained it seems you have a team already for you!

You say pug HMs are crappy. Well last time you were in one there was a wipefest; and the time before "our" people joined you couldn't even get passed the first boss.

With this attitude of yours I don't even feel like helping you out anymore on any of my alts. Seriously you kinda went too far.
I really don't get it, I mean you whine whine and whine, but what is the real problem cutting everybody out from progression NO. Did you have any progression, have you even thought about doing a hm raid? and who would have joined? I mean there where like a 14th events up when I joined again and there where max 3 signed up but mostly 0 on each day. and that was for sm runs. HM raids are hard and nighmares are even harder, it is simply not for everyone thats what sm is for.

And to look at what actually have been done, what is taken from you. Caux had long before I came back decided that he didn't want to raid with maelstrom anymore, I brought me, mithax, johnleth and acharial with me also raipun wasn't entirely active since just now. so that leaves 2 ppl that I have "taken" away from the guild and started this grp who actually wanted and had the time to do something like this. you don't think they have their own choice and I had to force them to join my grp?

If you can't replace one tank and one healer and set up raids like before I really don't know what to say. I think you are so afraid of the word HC and have set your mind to that it is the word of the devil, and actually look for new opportunities, I mean isuldur has created an event for tomorrow and I have said from the start that I will help out as much as you can, but you are not making it easy for me to help out.

Or do you want me to recruit one tank and one healer and replace kazeus and pandish, so that you can have it as it was before? or is it just that you have a problem with me actually organizing something and trying to have some structural raiding times instead of happy tea time.

PS: shouldn't you be happy that I have "brought" 6ppl to raiding with the maelstrom nametag and soon you can tell S&V HM 7/7 in future recruit messages?
look, whether you like it or not, by forming a closed hc group you made it almost impossible for those not in it to do any serious content (like TFB/SnV HM atm).
Having progressive raids was never an issue. We were talking about doing HMs all the time before you formed the hc group. Granted things weren't easy and the more people you include, the slower is progress. To say that it's impossible to progress though is simply bullshit.

What I really have a problem with is that the HC group is so exclusive and therefore robs everyone not able to have 3 (or however many) fixed raiddays each week of any chance to do serious content. They're simply left-behinds now. 2nd class guild-members in a way.
Maelstrom was always about doing stuff together and never in splitting the guild in hc ppl and a crappy rest. I'm longer in this guild than anyone else and even under Taglim, who was a very competitive, progressive player, everybody had the chance to raid and not beeing around on some nights was never an issue.

That you call me selfish for requesting that everybody in the guild gets opportunities to do serious content, rather than just a small exclusive group is simply rediculous.
And when I get ppl whispering me that they completely agree with me half the times I'm online I kinda feel oblidged to voice these concernes.

We have done nothing wrong, we haven't changed anything, but suddenly we're robbed of any serious raid-opportunities. Isn't it obvious that we don't like that?
how are you being robbed of raiding opportunities? i really don't get it. And the problem with rotating ppl to much is that every week its a start on square one, and you have to teach everybody tactics. instead of just clearing it. And this has absolutly nothing to do with 2nd class members I choose members that I felt would be a good match and have the same mindset and have shown interest in joining a grp like this. And none have outside the grp has talked to me or shown any interest.

I think the problem is that you never have had to explian the tactics over and over and over every week like me and kaz has. I am tired of it and you can ask kaz what he feel about it.

And what are missing for you to make another grp that can do HM's or where pandish and kazeus the key to succes?

Serriusly kylo?
Look Guys, I think you are missing the point here.
the point is do not close the HM group and exclude the rest in the guild.

Leave it open so all that are geared and brained have the opportunity to join?
As I said I don't want to explain tactics all the time I want a grp that can learn together we all would gladly help on alts and stuff I am not even using my most geared character atm. I have the time to help out but I want a closed grp that I don't need to explain tactics for. and there is absolutly no reason not to create another one.

A followup question what do you need to creat a grp and be happy? a tank and a healer? kaz and ppandish back? shall I teach everybody how to optimize and tactics?
I can only speak for myself on this point, but to say that I've never shown interest in HMs is simply a lie. I was just told that the HC grp has no room for me 'cause I can't comit to fixed raiddays.
And as the HC grp is the only possibility to do HMs atm, ppl like are excluded.

Apart from that I really like raiding with fun ppl like Kaz or Pandish (or anyone in the guild, including you) I simply don't have the time to put together another grp. Please forgive me for having a time-intensive job and social life.
Also it's really not us outside the HC grp that changed anything, so I can't see why it's our fault that we're left behind.

You want to know what I want? I want the guild to be again about doing stuff together (that means everybody that wants to and is halfbrained and -geared), the way it always was for over a year and the reason why many members love our guild. Tell me how that is anyhow wrong.
so if I understand this correctly you don't have time to fix your own grp due to other stuff, and you want other ppl to make one for you? but I still do not see the problem in creating events like isuldur did today and try out some HM operations. as I have said plenty of times me, raipun, acharial and mithax has atleast more than 1 alt that are equipped for HM operations and are able to join to help out. but we have still "stolen" ppl from the guild? And I have never said that the outside of the grp has changed nor the "inside" of the grp. But I think you believe thats the case. So what has really changed?

The guild has recived 6 new ppl that wasn't raiding before, all that are able to work together and are friends. they gather up three times per week and raid for three ours. all the other times of the week they are able to join HM raids (on alts) sm on mains do FP and do all the other stuff as a guild but for some reason you have already doomed this to be a failure instead of seeing it as the good thing it can be. what you are doing are just making it worse by creating the gap that never was there to start with. and also making it very hard for me to want to help out with other raids in the guild, if this keeps on I can't promise to help out much and then you would have lost potential players who can teach, help out and fill out guild raids.

Another note is that I do not look down on ppl I do not see 2nd grade and 1st grade members, I see that we are limited to 8ppl raids so why would I not choose those ppl I get along best with and I still think you are the only one that was happy with the former progression.
fine, let's see if we manage to run additional HM ops this way. If that works indeed, the situation would be not bad indeed.

I'm not trying to create a gap that doesn't exist at all. I only voice(d) concerns about (possible) bad effects of the way the HC grp was set up. And especially recently I had multiple people telling me that they feel like exactly what I voiced has happened now. I'm more than happy to get convinced of the opposite, and I'm sure anyone else is as well.